Member’s Evening – 10th September

Article Written by Karis Benn and Roisin Chambers

How to resize print/DPI Images in Photoshop and Lightroom – Jane Rowbottom

A really useful session especially for people like me who are inept around the digital world, so thank you Jane.

The very idea of navigating my way around either Photoshop or Lightroom makes me want to go and lie in a darkened room because the frustration of spending hours trying to either lighten, darken or size correctly entails too much grey matter.

Jane’s presentation was clear and concise supported by screenshots. The mystery around resizing presets has been somewhat solved, but obviously to be competent and confident requires practise so I intend to spend time implementing Jane’s good advice.

Karis, like me, intends to enter all of the competitions this year and make sure that files sent to Peter are just what he needs.

Jane has recommended the following two books “How do I do that in Lightroom?” and “How do I do that in Photoshop?”

Possible club outings

October – Abbey Pumping Station, please check online to see the appeal of the destination.

November overnight stay Ebum Valley


“Digital Camera” (Sept), On1 2019 processing software free download – as good as Lightroom.

DarkTable free software.

Please can everyone help Peter Wilkes, our hard-working competition secretary, by making sure that our entries are correctly sized, submitted one week before the competition, by email, competitionenteries@staffordcameraclub.co.uk, or memory stick.

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