DPI 1 – 8th October

Article Written by Karis Benn and Roisin Chambers

The competition year got off to a good start with 87 entries into the first DPI event.

The judge Robert Falconer provided a valuable critique of all entries giving members excellent advice on how best to improve their images for entry to competitions.

The evening was anything but boring because of the wide range of subject matter which included wildlife, street photography, aircraft, landscape and cityscape.

Karis’ favourites included “Distracted” in the beginners colour category, because this particular street scene featured a “distracted” man not engaged in digital communication but instead with his nose in a book. “Capturing The Scene” in the beginners mono was a winner overall and to Karis the aerial view of China town, despite being in mono, captured the energy and atmosphere of the scene.

In the intermediate colour category, “We Mean Business”, introduced a touch of humour by depicting a dwarfed youngster, surveying the giant rugby team line up. “The Night Manager” in the mono category added an atmospheric stillness to the image which Karis appreciated.

“Morning Frost” in the advanced colour category brought on a touch of winter with the dog enjoying itself regardless of the sub zero temperatures. In the advanced mono category the “Zebra Jumping Spider” illustrated the skill involved in macro photography when the subject is only a millimetre in size.

The mono and colour categories were well balanced with a similar number of entries in each which often isn’t the case. Overall a really good evening because of the high standard of photography, the wide range of subject matter and the painstaking attention to detail on the part of members.

For a full list of winners have a look on our website.

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