Print Competition 1 – 22nd of October

By Karis Benn and Roisin Chambers

Ken Hudson came to judge the second competition of the year, which was the first of the print competitions. Peter Wilkes, our competition secretary, continues to work extremely hard on our behalf to ensure that all of the digitally projected images are ordered according to category and projected for club members to see. Many thanks Peter.

Beginners colour had a wide variety of subject matter landscape, natural history to creative photography. According to the judge, “mono printing is not the easiest thing in the world” and this might be why there are usually fewer mono entries.

The 21 entries in the intermediate section again provided us with a wide range of subject matter, from jet ski action, natural history, studio shots and landscape images. The main messages from Ken Hudson were around achieving balance in an image, sharpness and creative composition.

Out of the intermediate section my favourite image was Tim Boardman’s “Still Life – Autumn Feast”, with the wasps having a final feast on the allotment fruit. “The Flick”, a studio shot of a long haired young woman flicking her hair back was Karis’ favourite.

The advanced group had 19 entries with some beautifully shot compositions and interesting subjects. Both of us liked the “Man in the middle” best which was in the advanced colour section, well done Alan. In the Mono section we both liked John Simpson’s “Still Lake – Mirror Image”. Well done John.

Ken Hudson’s comments were both helpful and fair. His criticisms, like all other judges were idiosyncratic, as Mr Husdon put it, “That’s just me”.

A full list of winners can be found on the website.

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