Member’s Nights – 29th October and 5th November

By Karis Benn and Roisin Chambers

Members night “Camera Skills” – 29th October

A well attended evening and the first outing for the club’s studio lights which proved to be a really good investment. The evening was divided into two totally different sessions to give the widest appeal possible; creative photography with Michelle Sanderson who has an extremely imaginative frame of mind and and more traditional portraiture session with John Simpson.

Karis achieved phenomenal results with Michelle’s intriguing set up using beer glasses, back-lighting and droplets of water on clear glass to give the effect of condensation on a sweet jar. This image will undoubtedly be a winner. Some group members found this a challenging but entertaining activity. Thank you very much Michelle.

The introduction to portraiture photography to some members was an excellent opportunity to develop skills using back-lighting and studio lights to removed unwanted shadows. Beth was a most patient and good humoured model allowing club members endless time to focus their cameras and make several attempts at getting the best image, thank you Beth.

I’m sure Karis won’t mind sending you a picture of yourself which you might like to frame for your wall, it is a beautiful image.

John is always incredibly generous with his time and knowledge, sharing his skills with club members whether it be landscape, wildlife or portraiture.

Many thanks John for all your time and effort.

Members Night “Bring & Show” – 5th November

Another very creative session presented by Michelle, illustrating the fact that a lot of very different images, showing unusual effects can be done at home with no expensive equipment needed, just some of the things members will have in their own home. Michelle’s session used three decorated wine glasses, a piece of black mount board and some back-light. The challenge was to capture the intricate pattern on the glass while making sure the colour and the pattern were sharp and vivid against the black background.

John gave club members a second chance to hone their skills at portraiture using the studio lighting and neutral background.

The investment in the studio lights will be beneficial for club members in the future and a wise decision on the part of committee members.

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