COVID-19 Update

Dear Members, 

None of us can fail to notice the increasing global health concerns due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Committee have therefore decided that we need to act to protect our members and keep them safe and healthy. In order to achieve this, the following actions are to be taken:

Regular Tuesday meetings nights will continue as per the programme however attendance of these evenings will be left for each individual to decide whether they wish to attend or not. If you are happy to come along, please do. However, if you have concerns and feel you may be at risk, then staying away is fine too.

If you have been advised to self isolate you MUST NOT attend the Club.  Please see https://111.nhs.uk/Question/Navigation and complete the simple questions if you are unsure if you need to take action.

We hope that by taking the precautionary steps outlined above, we will be able to continue in general with club activities and be exposed to less of a health risk than might otherwise occur. 

The committee will be in regular contact with speakers, judges and the constitutional club over the next few weeks to ensure that should someone become unavailable to attend the club, suitable alternative arrangements are made.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Peter Wilkes
Health and Safety Officer
Stafford Camera Club

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