Competition Print 1 (now DPI) Themed Competition – Unloved 20.10.20

Advanced Colour: 1st – Bearly Remembered – Lynn Paterson
Advanced: 2nd – Boat Scrapyard – Andy Bridge

Advanced Colour: 3rd – Lunch – Bob Thomas

Advanced Colour: Highly commended – Abandoned Boat – Pam Bennett

Advanced Colour: Commended – Unloved Shield Bug – Bob Thomas
Advanced Mono: 1st -Looking for Company – Lynn Paterson
Advanced Mono: 2nd – The Abandoned Swing – Jane Rowbottom
Advanced Mono: 3rd – The Broken Window – Pamela Bennett
Advanced Mono: Highly Commended – Lynn Paterson
Advanced Mono: Commended – Mr Grumpy Bob Thomas
Intermediate Colour: 1st -Tyred Out – Julia Brooks
Intermediate Colour: 2nd The-not-so-itsy-bitsy-spider! – Angie Miles
Beginner’s Colour: 3rd – Garden Cart – Peter Jones
Intermediate Colour: Highly Commended – Mexican Blood-Leg Tarantula – Peter Wilk
Intermediate Colour: Commended – Rain-on-a-summers-day-out! – Angie Miles
Intermediate Mono: 1st -Love on its way – Martin Knight
Intermediate Mono: 2nd – No Longer Needed – Julia Brooks
Intermediate Mono: 3rd – Smile -Martin Knight
Intermediate Mono: Highly Commended – The Naughty Step – Sharron Hill
Intermediate Mono:Commended – Discarded – Angie Miles
Beginner’s Colour: 1st – The Ruin – Roisin Chambers
Beginner’s Colour: 2nd – Abandoned – Matthew Hoa
Beginner’s Colour: 3rd – Garden Cart – Peter Jones
Beginner’s: Second – Stood Up – Matt Hoar
Beginner’s Colour: Commended – Abandoned – Roisin Chambers
Beginner’s: 1st – Shield Maiden – Matthew Hoar
Beginner’s: 2nd – Magpie Mine – Matthew Hoar
Beginner’s: 3rd – Lockdown Misery – Peter Jones
Beginner’s: Highly Commended – Fences – Peter Jones
Beginner’s: Commended – Sitting Pretty – Brenda Appleyard

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