2017 – 2018 Competition Results

The winners of the various club competitions held in every season are indicated in this section. This information will be updated as we proceed through our programme of competitions. To see the full list, please press the pdf link found at the end of the competition results list.

Competition Results 2017 – 2018 season

Results Summary:



2017 – 2018 Season

The Club’s competitions for the season came to a close last night with our Annual Print Competition. Our judge was Clare Carter, who had also been a Speaker on our opening night, back in September.
Another night of excellent photography.
Here’s a summary of the Results:


1st Gill Wheeler – Female Polar Bear
2nd Jane Rowbottom – Albert Docks
3rd Jane Rowbottom – A ray of sunshine


1st Jane Rowbottom On the hunt
2nd Julie Lehman – I see you
3rd Julie Lehman – Out of Order


1st Andrew Birch – Daydreaming
2nd Dennis Bates – Portrait of a Goshawk
3rd Andrew Birch – Taking a break


1st Pam Bennett – Keeping watch
2nd Dennis Bates – Liverpool back street
3rd Bob Thomas – Hoverfly


1st Alan Preston – He noticed me
2nd John Simpson – Sao Laurenco, Maderia
3rd John Simpson – Storm Wave


1st John Simpson – Urban boxes
2nd Dave Deaves – Mr and Mrs jenkins
3rd John Simpson – Sailing home
The Judge then awarded the COLOUR PRINT of the YEAR to
Female Polar Bear, by Gill Wheeler and MONO PRINT of the YEAR to Urban boxes, by John Simpson. Both fantastic images. Well done Gill and John Simpson


1st Bob Thomas – Wouldn’t hurt a fly
2nd John Simpson – Tersting the fountain
3rd Pam Bennett – Empty Sails
Thank you to everyone who took part in all our competitions, both as entrants and organisers. Competitions are a great way of getting constructive feedback from experienced judges, on your images to help you on your photographic journey.

Inter-Club Competition

The standard of entries into this years Inter-Club competition was exceptional and the Judge, Peter Gennard had a really difficult job of scoring the 120 images. The Nature work was simply outstanding . As a Club we came 10th, but feel that we can look forward to higher placings and success in future competitions.
CONGRATULATIONS to Alan Jones, who scored 16 points and was the highest score for the Club. Well done Alan !

Inter-club Competition

Reflections and/or shadows Themed and Three of a Kind Competitions

Our judge for the evening was Scott Latham, who looked through 44 entries in the Reflections and/or Shadows Theme Competition. He gave an excellent critique of every image and awarded places as follows:

1st place: Arctic Reflections by Gill Wheeler
2nd place: Upside down, Inside out by Julie Byrne
3rd place: Little Red Boat by Graham Argent
Highly Commended: Early Morning Reflections by Dennis Bates
Highly Commended: Reflections Zell-am-Zee by John Simpson
In the second half, Scott Latham evaluated the 19 Three of a Kind Entries and awarded the following places
1st place: Wouldn’t hurt a fly by Bob Thomas
2nd place: Empty Sails by Pam Bennett
3rd place: Jailbirds breaking out by Pam Bennett
Highly Commended: Oh what a wonderful thing to bee by BobThomas
Highly Commended: May the Forth be with you by Bob Thomas
Commended: Let it Shine by Sharron Hill
Commended: Manchester Bees by Pam Bennett

The Club Chair, Rob Dawson passed on the very best wishes from all Club Members to Dave Batho, our Competition Secretary who is sadly unwell at the moment. Rob also thanked all the members of the Committee for the big effort at such short notice to endure both Competitions progressed without a hitch.

Progress Competition no. 6, PRINTS, 27.02.2018

Beginners Class, Colour

1st Place – A Ray of Sunshine 20 Jane Rowbottom 
2nd Place – A Stream with a View 19 Jane Rowbottom 
3rd Place – Twit-twoo 18 Sharron Hill 

Snowy Sow 17 Sharron Hill 
Single Borage Flower 17 Julie Lehman 
Let there be light 17 Sharron Hill 
Standing Guard 16 Jane Rowbottom 
Sunlight after the Storm 16 Lynn Paterson 
Rusty pair 16 Julie Lehman 
Are you tyre’d 15 Julie Lehman 
Icelandic sunrise 15 Sharron Hill 
A Golden Summer Breeze 15 Jane Rowbottom 
Tranquil resting place 14 Julie Lehman 

Beginners Class, Mono

1st Place – On the Hunt 20 Jane Rowbottom 
2nd Place – The Man Shed 19 Sharron Hill 
3rd Place – I see you 18 Julie Lehman 

Steall Falls 17 Jane Rowbottom 
Gone Fishing 17 Jane Rowbottom 
Giving you Extra 17 Jane Rowbottom 
Looking at Momma 17 Julie Lehman 
Beth 16 Sharron Hill 
The Ferns in Britain 16 Sharron Hill 
The old coppiced Hazel 16 Lynn Patterson 
Calm winter reflection 15 Julie Lehman 
Liverpool echo 14 Sharron Hill 
Almost Forgotten 14 Julie Lehman 

Intermediate Class, Colour

1st Place – Who’s a pretty boy then 20 Dennis Bates 
2nd Place – Troll Iceland 19 Ken Hewitt 
3rd Place – Oh Those Rainy Day’s 18 Lee Byrne 

Loch Ness – Waiting for the Monster 17 Bob Thomas 
Windmill 17 Pam Bennett 
POP, BANG SPLASH 17 Julie Byrne 
Splosh! What a bang 17 Lee Byrne 
I Must Clean my Specs 17 Ken Hewitt 
Down the Ogwen valley 17 Dennis Bates 
Stunt Plane Walker 17 Lee Byrne 
White Roller Coaster Cliffs 17 Julie Byrne 
Barn Owk Molly 17 Ken Hewitt 
Meeting on the beach 17 Pam Bennett 
Dark Clouds Over Blea Tarn 17 Bob Thomas 
Forth bridge edinburgh 17 Julie Byrne 
Just a blur 17 Tony Parkins 
Sycamore Seed 17 Alan Jones 
Sole Survivor 17 Alan Jones 
Cotsworlds lavender Farmt 17 Julie Byrne 
Lights in the fishing dock 16 Tony Parkins 
Street Art 16 Pam Bennett 
Mariposa monarca butterfly 16 Lee Byrne 
Aloe Vera 16 Alan Jones 
Dancing with sparks 16 Tony Parkins 
Souther White Face Owl 16 Ken Hewitt 
Catch the wind 15 Tony Parkins 
Thug !! 15 Bob Thomas 
Tea break 14 Pam Bennett 
Bassenthwaite 14 Bob Thomas 

Intermediate Class, Mono

1st Place – Off with the Fairies 20 Bob Thomas 
2nd Place – Basket Bundle 19 Alan Jones 
3rd Place – The Old Knightstone Pier 18 Bob Thomas 

The Chase in moonlight 17 Dennis Bates 
Toads Croak 17 Ken Hewitt 
I’m not looking 17 Dennis Bates 
Anonymous T Shirt 17 Alan Jones 
A Look Into the Past 17 Bob Thomas 
Trail Island Lighthouse mono 16 Ken Hewitt 
Dark Clouds Gathering 16 Bob Thomas 
Watching 15 Pam Bennett 
Street Art is so hot right now! mono 15 Pam Bennett 
Early Morning Brew mono 15 Ken Hewitt 
Plymouth Hoe Lighthouse mono 14 Ken Hewitt 
Big wheel keeps on turning 14 Pam Bennett 
Hot Head 13 Pam Bennett 

Advanced Class Colour:

1st Place – Sao Laurenco, Madeira – 20 – John Simpson 
2nd Place – Thinking Time – 19 – John Simpson 
3rd Place – 26 to 28 – On the Level – 18 – Alan Preston 

Newcastle Indoor Market 2 – 17 – Dave Batho 
Not Far From MUM – 17 – Alan Preston 
Finger Licking Good – 17 – Alan Preston 
Newcastle Alley – 17 – Dave Batho 
Trees in Mist – 17 – John Simpson 
What, you think I look ridiculous – 17 – Dave Deaves 
Baltic Flour Mill Newcastle – 17 – Dave Batho 
Tyneside Arts and Science Centre 2 – 17 – Dave Batho 
Family Time Out – 17 – John Simpson 
Reservoir Overflow After the Storm -15 – Alan Preston 

Advanced Class Mono:

1st Place – Gears 20 Dave Batho 
2nd Place – Misty Slope 19 John Simpson 
3rd Place – City Tavern 18 Dave Batho 

Swash on Black Sand 17 John Simpson 
Serenity 17 John Simpson 
Clock 17 Dave Batho 
The Peaky Blinders 17 Dave Deaves 
Millenium Bridge Newcastle 17 Dave Batho 
Tors on Stanage Edge 17 John Simpson 

Progress Competition no. 5, DPI, 06.02.2018

1st Place Beginners: 20 points – Misty Morning Walk – Lynn Paterson

1st Place Intermediate: 20 points – Amur Leopard – Alan Jones
Mersey Sunset – Dennis Bates

1st Place Advanced: 20 points – Twilight at Portland Bill – John Simpson
Primeval – Ray Briggs

Progress Competition no 4, PRINTS, 09.01.2018

1st Place Beginners:

Colour – Snowbounding – Lynn Paterson

Mono – Soulmates – Lynn Paterson
Mother and Daughter – Julie Lehman

1st Place Intermediate:

Colour – Delicate Detail – Alan Jones
A Dam Good Sunset – Lee Byrne

Mono – I will Give It Another Half Hour – Alan Jones
Hoverfly – Bob Thomas

1st Place Advanced:

Colour – Empty Harbour – John Simpson
Mono – Carl – Dave Deaves

Progress Competition no. 3, DPI, 28.11.2017

Beginners, 20 points:

Floodlit Beach Jonathan Kimberley
Round the Back Jonathan Kimberley

Intermediate, 20 points:

Golden Arches Sam Peart
Enjoying the Sunlight Andy Birch
Autumn Solitude Dennis Bates

Advanced, 20 points:

Twins Ray Briggs
Sunset Sand Dunes Michelle Sanderson
Round the Bend at Speed Alan Preston
Evenings Whisper of Harvest Gold John Simpson
Cigarette Break Graham Argent

Progress Competition 2 Results
Prints, 24.10.2017
Judge: Tony Broom

Beginners Class, Colour 

1st – Bumblebee on Cornflower 20  – Julie Lehman 
2nd – London Reflections 19  – Roysin Chambers 
Liverpool Docks 19  -Jane Rowbottom 
3rd – One man and his dog 18  – Sharron Hill 
Eilean Donan 18  – Jane Rowbottom 

Beginners Class, Mono

1st – Out of Order 20  – Julie Lehman 
2nd – Old Man of the Woods 19  – Jane Rowbottom 
3rd – Chobe Elephants 18  – Jane Rowbottom 

Intermediate Class, Colour

1st – Storm brewing 20  – Dennis Bates 
2nd – Lift Off !! 19  – Bob Thomas 
Morning mist 19  – Tony Parkins 
Dudmaston Hall Boathouse 19  – Lee Byrne 
3rd – The Winning Line 18  – Peter Wilkes 
Whizz Bang 18  – Lee Byrne 

Intermediate Class, Mono

1st – Keeping Watch 20  – Pam Bennett 
2nd – Sound of Silence 19  – Pam Bennett 
3rd – New York Skyline 18  – Bob Thomas 
The Farmer 18  – Ana Sidon 

Advance Class, Colour

1st – Reckitts Blue 20  – Dave Deaves 
2nd – Blacksmith 19  – Dave Deaves 
3rd – No Sandeels 18  – Alan Preston 

Advance Class, Mono

1st – Forth Rail Bridge 20  – Dave Batho 
2nd -The Sniper 19  – Dave Deaves 
3rd – Honda 6 18  – Dave Batho 

The full list of results for this competition can be consulted at the following link: 


Progress Competition 1 Results

DPI, 26.09.2017

Advanced Class:

1st – Run – Graham Argent
2nd – Romany – Graham Argent 
3rd – Highlights of Snowdon – Roy Roberts 
Giant wood spider – Ray Briggs 

Intermediate Class:

1st – Cochin Fishing Nets – Ian Jones
2nd – Not Forgotten – Pam Bennett 
Fly (Eriothrix rufomaculata) – Bob Thomas 
3rd – Wet Walrus – Ian Jones 
A view from Llandudno Pier – Peter Wilkes 

Beginners Class:

1st – Windfarm through the Pier – Johnathan Kimberley
2nd – Fantasy Wire Trentham – Jon Tebbitts 
3rd – Window light – Jon Tebbitts 
Umbrellas in the Sky – Roisin Chambers 

The full list of results can be consulted at the following link: 

The summary of all the results from our last season – 2016/2017 can be viewed at the link below: