Competition Entry Guide

Some quick hints and tips to entering progress competitions…

  • Entries for all competitions are due one week before the competition evening
  • You may submit up to two mono and two colour images
  • Maximum dimensions for images are 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels high
  • Title your image with <sequence number><dot><space><Image Title> e.g. 1. The Barn.jpg for each category (mono and colour)
  • Please do not put anything other than the title as the filename e.g. do not include mono, DPI, version 3, your name etc.
  • Email your individual files to including your class and full name.
  • For print competitions, ensure the title of the DPI matches the title of the print.
  • Check that you have received the ‘Entries Accepted’ email by the end of the weekend before the competition.

Three of a kind entries

  • Submit either three separately mounted prints or three prints on one mount.
  • If prints are separate, ensure that each print is labelled with your name, title and Left Middle Right (as the judge would look at them)
  • Three of a kind print panels will be also be shown as a DPI, please send in your DPI in the usual way for each print indicating L, M or R in the filename for left middle or right.

Refer to the full competition rules for further information

Below is the link to Jane Rowbottom’s PDF presentation

Photoshop & Lightroom Sizing Presentation