News Summary

Member’s Evening – 10th September

Article Written by Karis Benn and Roisin Chambers

How to resize print/DPI Images in Photoshop and Lightroom – Jane Rowbottom

A really useful session especially for people like me who are inept around the digital world, so thank you Jane.

The very idea of navigating my way around either Photoshop or Lightroom makes me want to go and lie in a darkened room because the frustration of spending hours trying to either lighten, darken or size correctly entails too much grey matter.

Jane’s presentation was clear and concise supported by screenshots. The mystery around resizing presets has been somewhat solved, but obviously to be competent and confident requires practise so I intend to spend time implementing Jane’s good advice.

Karis, like me, intends to enter all of the competitions this year and make sure that files sent to Peter are just what he needs.

Jane has recommended the following two books “How do I do that in Lightroom?” and “How do I do that in Photoshop?”

Possible club outings

October – Abbey Pumping Station, please check online to see the appeal of the destination.

November overnight stay Ebum Valley


“Digital Camera” (Sept), On1 2019 processing software free download – as good as Lightroom.

DarkTable free software.

Please can everyone help Peter Wilkes, our hard-working competition secretary, by making sure that our entries are correctly sized, submitted one week before the competition, by email,, or memory stick.

Image of the month – Congratulations


Congratulations to member Jane Rowbottom for her winning image of giraffes in Botswana in the club’s monthly competition.

Each month members can submit 3 images into the themed competition, its all a bit of fun.

New Members Night – 27th August

Article written by Karis Benn and Roisin Chambers

As a result of the 5 exhibitions and word of mouth invitations, the “new members night”, was a relaxed and successful event. The Chairman’s presentation provoked good humoured banter and got the event off to a good start.

The photographs on display clearly showed the wide range of style and subjects taken by members of the club.

The New Members Liaison, Michelle Sanderson’s presentation demonstrated just how much a member can learn about composition, technique and creativity, because of the practical events and the helpfulness of the more experienced members.

Martin Knight encouraged new and “old” members to experiment with intentional camera movement just to experiment and enjoy taking photographs… Be inspired by what you see about you.

“To me photography is an art of observation, it’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” -Elliot Erwitt

The programme for the year is hugely varied and has something for everyone.

Come and join us at any time, attend a taster session before deciding the club is for you but we can strongly recommend it.

On the Exhibition Road Trip

Article Written by Karis Benn & Roisin Chambers

Holmcroft Library

“Always a very high standard. Last year and the year before was the same.”

The librarian at Holmcroft Library was extremely complimentary about our exhibition. Thank you Alan!

The Library users had their favourite photographs, some brought back memories of the past, in particular, ‘The Lonely Sea and Sky’ because of years spent at sea. The assistant librarian found that the photographs were often subjects she would use for her watercolours and in particular thought the photograph of the, ‘Aurora Over Barn’, reminded her of her ambition to travel to Norway just to see the Aurora. One of the good things about photographs is the way they make people respond emotionally and often share their memories and ambitions.

Another library user was a reader of Victorian mysteries and their favourite photograph was ‘The Pipe Smoker’ because it reminded him of a character in a novel.

The Librarians agreed that the photographs generated a lot of interest because of the range of subjects and the professional quality of the images. Some of the comments in the visitors book can speak for themselves:-

“Excellent photography collection. Love the Aurora picture.”

“Great exhibition of photographs, so many different subjects, particularly like the ‘mood’ studies in monochrome.”

“What a good selection of photographs. The quality is excellent and so many different interests and subjects. Thank you.”

Both Karis and I enjoyed our trip to Holmcroft Library and our next stop will be Rising Brook on the 5th of July. Looking forward to it already.

Rising Brook Library

It was quite quiet in Rising Brook Library when Karis and I arrived. It was Friday and the librarian was doing end of week jobs but took time to explain that his favourite was the “Female Polar Bear”, because it was, “proper wildlife photography”.

The display had encouraged at least one worker from the library to consider joining the club in September. “Are they all professionals?” she asked, “Or can anybody join?”

Karis was quick to point out that since we were members anybody was welcome!

Black and white photographs seemed to be popular in Rising Brook, so “Maisie”, “River Bridge in Winter” and “January Millpond”, were in the top five. Top choice went to “The Kettles On” because it was evocative of our recent historical past and the colours were “stupendous”. Fashion and portraiture didn’t seem to be as popular but people appreciated the quality of the composition and they clarity of the photographs.

“I’m fond of a good picture and these are stunning”. A lady commented as she picked up a “Stafford Camera Club” invitation card. The gentleman behind, looking over her shoulder exclaimed, “Good God are these from Stafford!?” Possibly two more new members Alan.

Comments from the book say it all;

“Excellent Display – Thank you”

“Inspiring collection of photographs”

“The green lights is my favourite”, Isabelle aged 7. who might join the club in 2030.

Image of the month – Congratulations

Congratulations to member Brenda Appleyard for her stunning image of a red rose in the club’s monthly competition.

Each month members can submit 3 images into the themed competition, its all a bit of fun.

Congratulations -Alan Jones

Congratulations to member Alan Jones
who has had two images accepted in the 40th Midland Salon of International Photography organised by the Midland Counties Photographic Federation

Studio Day

A Fabulous day was held on 15th June by Stafford Camera Club. Tony Dudley provided amazing and invaluable guidance to members and Gary Allkins worked hard setting up multiple studio settings for us. We were so lucky! 

With thanks to Sharron Hill
with thanks to Jonathan Kimberley

Club Trip to Stanage Edge

Ray Briggs and and John Simpson are planning an away day to Stanage Edge in the Peak District on Saturday, 16th February. All members are welcome to join in.

Meet at The Fox House public house in Hathersage between 10.00 and 10.30am before going to the venue. The post code is S11 7TY.

They will be working on Filters, Bracketing and Focus Stacking.

Anyone interested should wear warm, waterproof clothing, headgear and footwear.

This will be an all day event so members will need a packed lunch and a flask. The intention is to return after sunset.

If you are interested in taking part please speak to Ray or John at the club on Tuesday,12th February